Shareholder Information

The total number of ordinary 0.1 pence shares in issue as at 8th November 2022 was 146,315,304. The Company holds no shares in treasury and therefore the total number of voting rights is 146,315,304.

Approximately 70.17% of these shares are currently not in public hands. There are no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares in the company.

Table of major shareholders notified to the company as at 8th November 2022.

Directors Holdings Shares Percentage
Jonny Plant 12,317,448 8.42%
Keith Lassman 1,421,983 0.97%


Significant Shareholders Shares Percentage
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc 24,206,163 16.54%
Sam Kaye 20,882,197 14.27%
Gresham House 20,088,133 13.73%
Adam Kaye 12,368,168 8.45%
Phillip Kaye 5,819,390 3.98%
Jonathan Kaye 5,565,811 3.80%

The Company’s securities are not listed or traded on any exchanges or trading platforms other than the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange

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