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We Create delicious meals for All Occasions

We are a small but incredibly passionate group of modern Asian restaurants. We care about serving beautiful and delicious food paired with Asian inspired cocktails and tea

We serve some of the most iconic dishes we discovered on our trips to Asia, all served with a large pinch of modern style. Our restaurants have plenty of menu options, including modern interpretations of healthy, traditional and authentic dishes including noodles, curries and handmade dim sum.

This restaurant offers a pleasant ambiance, delicious food, and a wide selection of teas, cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

dim t Hampstead, February 2024

The Experience

Eating out with family or friends should always be a celebration. At dim t we have the food and the setting to make every visit truly memorable.

We select the best ingredients and offer something to suit every taste, so everyone can enjoy their dining experience.

dim sum and us

dim sum history goes back to the early days of the Silk Road, a network of trade routes that went from China to the Mediterranean. Traders passing through needed places to rest, so tea houses sprung up to provide travellers a place to regain their energy with tea. Many also served small bites of food which came to be known as dim sum, which when literally translated means ‘touch the heart’.

For us, the core of the tradition is enjoying this ‘touch the heart’ little bites with tea, which gave us our name and philosophy. Dim t(ea)
Nowadays we not only serve over 20 types of handmade dim sum and a large tea selection, but also a variety of dishes from the Asian countries that once saw the Silk Road travellers pass by.

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Enjoy a family friendly bite to eat at dim t

Lovely restaurant, beautiful Dim sum and cocktails! Lychee and lemongrass my fav!! Service lovely and quick. Highly recommend.

dim t Winchester, February 2024

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